“Dimension Mouse”, Extra Series, No. XX

It’s amazing to see the progress not just on the technical details of this project, but the development of my aesthetic for this 10x10x10 project. This piece is one of the forgotten blog pieces of this project. It was created in January of 2012 in my Los Feliz apartment off of Vermont and Franklin. This technically was the FIRST of the Contemporary Modern Series (or Modern and Abstract Series)

This was based off of Bridget Riley’s “Movement in Squares, 1961″

Sitting here and looking at this portrait, and comparing it to everything that happened past “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SOUND OF COFFEE” really puts things into perspective. These pieces have become almost like journal entries in which each piece represents a time and place where I was at with not just my art, but my life in general.

I’ve tried to get this one back so I can work on it further and make it more complex, but then again.. that would diminish the idea of this project.. which is about not just the mouse, but the exponential growth and the telling of it during this project.

While this isn’t the 77th piece of the collection, … it more resides in the first ten of the collection.. I’m going to keep it here in order not to reformat everything else in this blog and use it as an icon of where I was and where I’ve progressed.


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