“Maid To Order”, Disney Fine Art, Sequential Series

Princess Hysteria: The comical comic book side of a Disney Princess.

The one thing that I have appreciated about any story, is its flexibility to change meaning without editing the script itself, but by the progression of societies ideals due to socio-political change. Take for example Disney’s already adapted tales of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella. Even in its already screen adapted  child friendly form from its previously hauntingly disturbing birth, questions and adaptation of understanding the film has drastically changed throughout the years. The architectural frame has remained for the most part unchanged, but the conception and fundamentals have changed from societies point of view due to its progression.

In recreating these comics in my own vision, I have chosen to represent often the most questionable parts of the story line to not only grab the attention of the viewer, but to make a campy statement on often the most taboo points of view that the film emulates so vividly.

First and foremost is the easy hysteria of the heroine protagonist. I decided to focus on this for my piece entitled “Party Favors”, which depicts Cinderella losing her mind over the mindless favors (lets face it, chores really) that she has to endure to complete before ultimately treating herself to the ball. The orange that I’ve used (PO 20 CP Cadmium Orange) which dually displays a reference point to the pumpkin coach, but moreso on the point of hysteria.

I believe that Wolf Kahn said it best “Orange is very blatant and vulgar. It makes you immediately start having feelings.”

Now while I cannot see color, any point of reference to its hue is automatically synced with the idea of panic. That and highlighter yellow, which happens to be the only color I am better at distinguishing was also used in the lettering against a cold tone to ultimately modify the hot and cold experience of a slue of demands. Overall the frame communicates the fragility of the hero and the woman at the brink of insanity, which in its complete context very reinforces the previously mentioned taboo (which is about the represented strength of a woman).


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