Seattle in Space (Trip Hop)

Back in February I returned to Seattle to be a best man at a wedding held on Valentines Day. Coming back to Seattle … and seeing it through sober eyes (a vision I never had living there from 2006 – 2008), I got to see this city in a completely different light.

There is the delicious darkness to Seattle that resonates a link between the French sister cities of the South (New Orleans, Savannah, and Charleston). Walking through Belltown and Capitol Hill, there was an incredible jazz like element that permeated the streets. .. and I decided to do a set that reflected that aesthetic.

After compiling for months, I dj’ed this last week on a megabus going from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Around midnight we passed this lonely cow town called Coalinga off of Interstate 5 in the desolate Californian landscape called “The Dustbowl” (I’ll get more into that in another set), and it just set the perfect mood to dj this soft, soulful, and melancholy set.

  1. Dead Horse Beats- Goodbye, Goodluck, Godspeed
  2. Eva Cassidy- Fields of Gold (Banzai Republic Mix)
  3. Tom Waits- Green Grass
  4. Soho Rezanejad- Like a Prayer (Dub Cover)
  5. Massive Attack- Name Taken
  6. Gil Scott-Heron- Where Did The Night Go?
  7. Charles Webster- Be No One
  8. Kura- Goodbye
  9. Tricky- Overcome (2009 Mix)
  10. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra- Don’t Stop the Dance
  11. Dusty Springfield- Spooky
  12. Hefner- An Evening With Hefner
  13. Moondog and The London Saxophonic
  14. Waldeck- Midsummer Night’s Blues
  15. Lemon Jelly- Chill Out
  16. Billie Holiday- Detour Ahead (Lulu Rouge Appegio Version)
  17. Grace Jones- This is Dub

LISTEN HERE: Seattle In Space (Trip Hop // Acid)


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